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The Quiet Adventures of Iggy the Introverted Inkapus Book Series

Educators! Iggy's also got a treat for you! Teach kids about introverts and extroverts with our free curriculum. Lessons are for English, Math and Science. 

Meet Iggy, the introverted inkapus. He loves his friends, but likes his quiet time now and again—something other sea creatures don’t always understand. And sometimes it gets a little awkward...

Iggy the introverted Inkapus

Author Kristen Maxwell's Children's Books:

  • Inkapus on the Move

  • Good Friends are hard to shake

  • Accidentally Famous

  • Iggy's Creative Adventure Book

  • What If...

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Kristen Maxwell creates delightful books designed to help set children up for success. Their story lines incorporate the latest research in areas like problem solving, resilience, personal development, and more. No matter the topic, her books aim to develop healthier mindsets early, equipping children for success in the real world. Visit herauthor site >

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Want extra fun? Games, coloring and more! Iggy's put together a few activities for his friends.  You can download, print, and have a blast! Check out his kid's activities today!

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