Iggy friend match up activity sheet

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Iggy looks a little pale.

Give him a little color and maybe even a makeover!

Clown Triggerfish Fact Sheet

One of these fish is different.

Can you find which one? 

Fish Mix-up

Can you match each fish with its name?

Longhorn cowfish fact sheet
Color Iggy's Cave activity sheet
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Color Iggy Activity Sheet

Want to color Iggy's Cave?

Design it the way you'd like to with all your favorite colors!

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What are you thankful for?

Iggy shares what he is grateful for, now it's your turn!

Hide & seek!

10 fish are hiding, can you find them?


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Fish Counting Activity Sheet
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Traffic jam!

Can you tell how many fish there are?

Clown Triggerfish fact sheet

Longhorn Cowfish Fact Sheet

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Gratitude Activity Sheet